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first cycle
Mew Gull
Fig 1) Note the small two-toned bill and the dusky underparts. This is a fresh juvenile early in the winter. Photo courtesy of Don DesJardin.

Fig 2) Photo courtesy of Don DesJardin.

Fig 3) This bird is later in the winter, with whiter greater coverts and more adult gray across the back. Photo courtesy of Don DesJardin.

Fig 4) This is an unusual bird with yellow legs and yellow on the bill. This may have been caused by its diet. Photo courtesy of Don DesJardin.

Figs 5 and 6) This bird is showing the typical fading coverts. In flight, they resemble a mini-Thayer's gull with the venetian blind effect on the outer primaries. February 19, 2012. Redding, California. Photo courtesy of Bob Yutzy.

Fig 7) Mew Gulls fade quite a bit late in the winter. The coverts on this bird are already all white. March 10, 2011. Santa Cruz, California. Photo courtesy of Steve Hampton.

Fig 8) This unusual bird, in July, has just begun to moult scapulars. It is so bleached out it can be mistaken as an Iceland Gull, but the size and structure point to Mew Gull. July 27, 2004. Eureka, California. Photos courtesy of Sean McAllister.